Houssein - Tokyo

Music video for Houssein's new single "Tokyo".

Houssein - Tokyo

Creating a behind-the-scenes of a recording session, with random chroma screen elements, isnt a typical shoot. Though there’s very little about Houssein that you could label as typical. Mixing high-end 4K filming with low-fi VHS effects, Houssein’s concept gives just a little insight into the world inside his head, brimming with ideas and full of creativity - it was great to support him in the making of this music video, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Oh, just you wait till the lad’s bigger than Ed bloomin’ Sheeran. Remember where you heard him first.
— Heat World
Tokyo is the single that I am most proud of, it is my favourite song both lyrically and sonically. The track isn’t really about the city of Tokyo, but instead the city’s name is being used as a synonym for euphoria. Tokyo can be anywhere or anything, it’s just meant to represent a wonderful and important memory
— Houssein

Houssein began his music career in the theatre, at the age of 9. After touring the UK with his musical theatre ventures, he was introduced to social media, where he accumulated over 250M views and 100M interactions across different video sharing platforms. Releasing his debut single ‘5 Bucks’ in early 2018 and reaching the Top 100 in the UK iTunes charts. In mid-2018, he released Summer Night, which received over 200K Spotify streams.

Credits (mostly for our mothers to read)...

Director - Marcus Bird
Director of Photography - Alex Rice
First Assistant Camera - Eddy Kirk
Head of Production - Helene Menardi
BTS Cinematographer - Callum Ray
Make Up - Emily Lush
Edited By - Houssein
Production Assistant: Abbie Johnson

Extras - Gergo Baranyi, Seth Kruger, Giammy Liccardi, Ruben Whitter, Uchenna Aniedu

Special Thanks (we love you)...

Thanks to - Adam Lynch, Miloco/Livingston Studio.

Client company: Southernmost Media