Gizelle Smith - Dust

Music video for Gizelle Smith's new single "Dust" to promote her new record "Ruthless Day".

Gizelle Smith - Dust

‘Dust’ is an explosive new funk bomb from Manchester’s own energetic soul dynamo - Gizelle Smith. This lead single and album opener from her forthcoming new LP ‘Ruthless Day’ is a stone cold floor filler guaranteed to pack out the clubs and find its way in to every self-respecting DJ’s 45 bag...

5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Now you’re gone!

The inimitable Ms. Smith announces the track with the catchy refrain “5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Now you’re gone!” over the tightest of grooves as she proceeds to detail the story of a regretful relationship that she wishes had left the metaphorically dusty chambers of her heart, undisturbed… Her emotive delivery, intricate multi layered vocal harmonies and honest lyricism combine effortlessly to create a top-line that’s full of passion and interest over the sublime arrangement.

Credits (mostly for our mothers to read)...

Director, Editor: Marcus Bird
DoP: Alex Rice
1st AC: Benjamin Raymond
Head of Production: Helene Menardi
Producer: Amy Kewell

Lead Actor: James Black

Choreographer, Dancer: Rudzani Moleya
Dancer: Venette Farrell

Special Thanks (we love you)...

Thanks to: Nathan Alexander at Boda Skins, Rebecca Lennon at Glassup and Stoski, Dan Hack at Mark Lilly, Jenny Baxter at A21 Diner, Kevin Kilduff at The Trike Trader, David Mcanulty, Maria Knight.

Client Company: Jalapeno Records