Fair-Space - Future AI and Robotics

Promo film to support the launch of the FAIR-SPACE programme.

FAIR-SPACE - Future of AI and Robotics in Space

The Future AI and Robotics for Space (FAIR-SPACE) Hub brings together leading experts from academia, industry and governments, and aims at pushing the boundary of AI robotics for future space utilization and exploration. .

The Hub was launched as part of the UK government’s £84m R&D funding on “robotics and AI for extreme environments...

In the immediate term, the Hub will help advance knowledge and technologies in orbital manipulation, extra-terrestrial vehicles, and robotic support for astronaut missions. These directly address technical priorities in the space sector worldwide. In the long term, the Hub will help transfer the field to a new era by achieving long-lived robotic operations in space.

Credits (mostly for our mothers to read)...

Client Company: University of Surrey/Glassup & Stoski
Director: Marcus Sweeney-Bird
DoP: Alex Rice
Head of Production: Helene Menardi
Producer: Amy Kewell

Special Thanks (we love you)...

Thanks: Matt and Nick at Glassup & Stoski, Professor Yang Gao and Mark Richardson at University of Surrey.