Corvette - Defeating Gravity BTS

BTS film, partnered with Foxtrot Papa and Chevrolet, following the battle between free falling wing suiter and a Corvette Z06.

Corvette - Behind the scenes of 'Defeating Gravity'

Working in partnership with Foxtrot Papa and Chevrolet, we shot behind-the-scenes to capture World-class wingsuit flyer Jokke Sommer, taking a head-to-head against Oliver Gavin, 5-time winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Wingsuit vs. Corvette Z06. Man vs. Machine.

Shot in Switzerland at the famous Klausen Pass, this *EPIC* film took months in planning by Foxtrot Papa, and we feel hugely privileged to have chased FP and their crew around, capturing this immense showdown between Man vs. Machine.

Credits (mostly for our mothers to read)...

Client Company: Foxtrot Papa
Creative Director: Andy Thomas
Head of Production: Louise Allen
Camera Operators: Marcus Sweeney-Bird, Toby Wilkinson, Casper Leaver, Scott McKee, Lec Park, Espen Fadnes
Editors: Nikki Johal, Marcus Sweeney-Bird

Special Thanks (we love you)...

Thanks: Foxtrot Papa, Chevrolet Europe, Jokke Sommer, Oliver Gavin, and all of the enormously talented crew behind this production:
Director: Jon Richards
1st AD: Duncan Gaudin
Creative Director: Andy Thomas
Head of Production: Louise Allen
DP/Camera Operators: Toby Wilkinson, Casper Leaver
1st AC's: Ben Banayo, Nick Lawton
Wingsuit camera: Espen Fadnes
Mini cams, UAV: Scott McKee, Lec Park
Sound tech: Sam Staples
DIT: Charlie Noble
Editor: Joakim Tonnberg
FP Board Director: Marcus Pinder
Production Manager: Maggie Jane Leitch
Safety: Andy Harriss and the MSS crew
Apologies to anyone missed, this was a true team effort.