Birdhouse Services

We love what we do. Whether its filming in the air or on the ground, live-streaming or long form edits, 360-degree video or first person/Snorricam, from high-definition to 8K, and stabilised gimbals or Blair-witch style super 8mm - we love to capture great content, and will strive to tell your story in a creative and captivating way.

From long-form 40 minute featurette's, to 60 second social content - We love to create. Music videos, independent, corporate and promotional brand films. 

Paediatrics dept, One Healthcare

Creative branded content - short and long form

No company culture is the same as the next, and no corporate film should be either. We are always looking to find, create and share the extraordinary moments and emotionally engage your audience.

Understanding your needs, and customers, helps us to identify what technology to utilise and tell your story - in the air or on the ground, live-streaming or 360-degree video - we love to capture great content, and will strive to tell your story in a creative and captivating way.

Live Event Coverage

We've shot music festivals on cruise ships and in fields. From grand venue's such as Carnegie Hall in New York and the Royal Albert Hall in London, to historic clubs The Iridium and The Borderline, we have captured live events for a wide array of artists, from Van Morrison, Eric Burdon and Paul Jones to Joe Bonamassa, Beth Hart and Joanne Shaw Taylor.

Whether you need three cameras or thirty, no matter what the purpose of your event, we can take care of the planning, scoping out the location and deciding how best to capture the occasion and at what angle.

The Ultimate Voyage - Star Trek Live at the RAH

Gizelle Smith, Dust.

Music Videos

Visually crafted professional music videos, for new, emerging and established artists. We want to push the boundaries and expectations, and deliver films that inspire and engage.

Teasers for social media 

Shorter than trailers, teaser campaigns are designed to act as a marketing tool, for you to announce your project to the world.

They are a device to whet the audience’s appetite, allowing viewers to experience a spark of your story, while simultaneously building intrigue for the full project.

Stop motion, Hill & Friends

Hatfield Hospital, One Healthcare

2D/3D visuals and animations

There is a huge emotional impact that our clients and customers receive from creating beautiful, accurate and engaging CGI rendered images, animations and VR tours.

For developers, architects, interior designers and branding agencies, these can also be incredibly useful tools, to engage their clients and relay important information.

Live performance in-studio films and EPK's

Live exclusive versions of tracks from artists latest releases, in conjunction with EPK's, for wider release.

We have invested heavily in camera tech, which makes us more flexible to work to your budget and provide the high-end content at competitive rates. 

Laurence Jones, Got No Place To Go