Music Videos

Turning creative ideas into beautiful, engaging and compelling media.

Typically we write a treatment based on a song, or lyrics, occasionally we have artists come to us with a basic concept, Houssein went a giant leap further and brought along a treatment and storyboard, and then cut the music video himself - the final film is something creative and different, and entirely unique, all of the things we love.

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Debut music video from Ben Poole,  to support his new single "Dirty Laundry". A cover of Don Henley's 1982 track, the original is told from an anchorman’s point of view, and we couldn’t help but stick Ben in a news studio (apparently a very comfortable position for him), full of fake bravado, chauvinism and a bad wig.

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Music video to support Gizelle Smith's new single "Dust" to promote her new record "Ruthless Day".

We wanted to do something a little different, and thankfully Gizelle and her label Jalapeno Records, were on board.

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Music video to support Jennings Couch's latest single release 'Animal Instinct'.

Jennings came to us with a totally run-of-the-mill brief - “I’d like to be playing an upright piano, inside a cage, surrounded by animals”.

No problem… We scouted locations for a vintage and well-used barn, had a one-of-a-kind cage built to match the surroundings, and pulled in extras to be our animals.


Performance driven music video and EPK to support the release of Laurence Jones' new record 'The Truth'.

Laurence wanted a performance film, inside a simple white-walled studio.

Simple is great, but its not very Blues Rock - why dont we switch that studio for a burnt out ship on a fire service training ground?


Lyric video to support Julia Michaels single 'Issues' - and not your typical lyric video at that. Collaborating with Pedro Chaves of Dream Journey Studios, the shoot was essentially a mixture of short films, thrown in a hat and pulled out (almost) at random.

We shot at multiple locations in London, before cutting the lyric video back in our Tunbridge Wells studio, and remotely liaising with Pedro’s office in Ghent, before delivering to Republic Records in New York.


Music video for Raleigh Ritchie's single 'The Greatest'.

Crisp sandwiches, three stripes and a domino rally (Raleigh?) - Occasionally, making music videos can feel like work, but this shoot really wasn’t one of those times. Directed and conceptualised by Rich Hardcastle, his concept brought out the fun and carefree nature of Raleigh Ritchie.