Ben Poole - Dirty Laundry

Music video for Ben Poole's new single "Dirty Laundry" to promote his new record "Anytime You Need Me".

Ben Poole - Dirty Laundry

"F***ing amazing" - Jeff Beck

Eat Your Dirty Laundry

To celebrate his latest release, a cover of Don Henley's 'Dirty Laundry', Ben Poole came to us with an odd idea of filming inside a launderette. Told from the perspective of a news reader, Ben played a strung out Anchorman, as well as himself, fresh off the road and waiting in a launderette. We added a heavy extra amount of eccentricity, and the result is almost as fun to watch as it was to make it.

Credits (mostly for our mothers to read)...

Director, Editor: Marcus Sweeney-Bird
DoP: Alex Rice
Head of Production: Helene Menardi
Producer: Amy Kewell

Choreographer, Dancer: Venette Farrell
Dancers: Oysterlene, Tori Tequila
Anchorman: Ben Poole
Anchorwoman: Katherine Armitage
Client Company: Manhaton Records

Special Thanks (we love you)...

Ben Poole, Peter Noble, Alan Robinson, Don Henley, Monarch Launderette.

All songs written by Ben Poole, Wayne Proctor & Steve Wright except:
Dirty Laundry (Don Henley / Danny Kortchmar)